A Legacy of Treasures, not Junk

A common challenge we face are children or caretakers seeking organizing help for parents or loved ones. You want to be part of the process but cannot be there every step of the way. The ideal is to work with an organizer who can effectively and efficiently help your loved one while keeping you informed every step of the way.

Stow and Behold provides this service with patience and caring for both you and the loved one who needs our help. As with any other client, we start with a strategic plan for how the organizing challenges will be executed and we estimate a time frame for the work. When a child or caretaker is involved, we add the additional service of updates in your preferred method of communication (text, email, voice calls) after each appointment summarizing the progress, next steps and observations.

By including your loved one in this process, you are giving them the opportunity to leave a legacy of treasures not junk.

So many families have been put at ease with Stow and Behold’s open communication and personalized service. It’s not just about organizing your loved one but having someone do it with respect and kindness so that the process is empowering, not defeating. Let them know that they are the decision makers and the organizer is there to help implement those decisions.

Cristina’s help and knowledge of available resources has been invaluable for me in two ways. First, she was able to assist my father, who suffers from Alzheimer’s, organize his extremely disorganized studio apartment such that we were able to find and lend order to very important paperwork. Second, she helped me organize my own office, which contains material from over five major projects that continue over time and change frequently. I am now able to make clear decisions about what I need and how to label and find it, what I can store, and what I don’t need. It is indeed a very freeing feeling and I greatly appreciate her clear vision and skills.
– New York, NY

Stow and Behold offers clients trust, reliability and efficiency in a friendly, approachable style.