Stow and Behold is Not Just a Company

It is a feeling, a voice in your head that shouts when you have conquered your closet, mastered your mail or dominated your dining room: “Wow, look at all this space I never knew I had.” That feeling should not just be for the select few but for everyone, young and old. Not all of you can get there on your own and we are here to lend the helping hand.

Stow and Behold is with you every step of the way. The process is part organizing, part understanding and part negotiating. But ultimately, it’s your stuff. We know that.

You make the decisions but first, we ask the tough questions:

  • Who owns it?
  • What does it do?
  • How long have you had it?
  • Where does it actually belong?
  • Why do you want to keep it?
  • And the big one: Should it go away?

It’s not just about cleaning up but about cleaning out, moving things around and seeing things differently

Founded in 2013, Stow and Behold provides professional organizing services to clients who seek to reduce clutter, optimize space and restore happiness to their homes and offices. Stow and Behold offers clients trust, reliability and efficiency in a friendly, approachable style.