Check us out!

People have been “Stowing and Beholding” for several years. Find out why they keep coming back to us!  Please contact us and request a reference or check out client feedback here.


Make contact!

Send us an email or make an initial call to us to set up your 15-20 minute phone evaluation. Let us ask you questions. You ask us lots of questions too!


Think on it!

Organizing projects are seldom a single-serve type service. Clients often need multiple sessions to get the job done. Make sure you can commit to it. (And, if you do, we know it will be worth it!)


Set up your first appointment via phone or email!

We will take a credit card over the phone to secure your appointment. Our cancellation policy is 50% of the estimated duration of our session if cancellation occurs in less than 24 hours prior to appointment start time.


We meet!

Leave the first part of the appointment (approximately 30 minutes) for us to assess your space, take notes and talk about your challenges. This is a great time for us to get to know each other. Clients also sign a basic contract agreeing to pay for service provided. The first session is often a little bit “talky” as the organizer learns your style, priorities, routine, etc. Then we get to work.


We work!

The process is hands on so get ready to roll up your sleeves. We pick our starting point and start assessing your belongings. We will go into closets, under beds, inside cabinets and on top of your tallest shelves. We will take everything out. It will get dusty. It will get messy. But ultimately, we will talk about everything, sort it into categories and put things away.


We plan!

As we work, we will make note of potential organizing products that may make sense for your situation. We will track our progress and allow time to return your home or office to a functioning state. At the end of our session, we will review our notes, make action items (homework!) and set up our next appointment. Full payment is made by cash, check or credit card at the end of the appointment.


We regroup!

Between the first and second session, a plan of action is executed in writing and shared via email so that the client can see a course of action and estimated time to complete the project. Clients take time in between sessions to “live” the changes, decide what works and what does not. They also do their homework (make donations, get rid of trash, present the doll collection to cousin Edna, etc.) and prepare for our next session.


We repeat!

We continue the process together until we resolve the organizing challenges. Many clients opt for maintenance where we meet regularly over longer intervals to help maintain the organizing systems we have implemented.

Warning: many clients often want to hug at the end of our sessions.
Do not be alarmed by this feeling. It is normal. It is part of the Stow and Behold process. And we like it!